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For details of opening dates and hours of Umbrella Program shows, make the DFB'07 Info Centre in the Daylesford Town Hall your first port of call and pick up a free DFB'07 official program.

peter bowes

Jason Kimberly 'Antarctica' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Michelle Matchett 'I am Me: Women, Landscape and Metaphor' Passing Time Books Creswick

Degree South group show Andersons Mill Smeaton

Sharon Green The Lake House Daylesford

Australian Commercial & Media Photographers [ACMP] 'Signature' Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens

Heather Dinas 'Scintillae' Pantechnicon Gallery Daylesford

Bryan Dawe 'Illusions' Daylesford Town Hall

Latrobe Uni Bendigo students 'Consequences' Mercato Restaurant

Jacqui Henshaw "Silence at Midday' The Grande Hepburn Springs

Rob Gale 'Mythical Images and Natural Systems' Market St Gallery Trentham

Gustavo Reyes 'Metamorphosis of Shango' Factory 3 Arts Space Daylesford

Trampoline ACMP emerging photographers projections 'A retrospective' Daylesford RetraVision

Trampoline + Saatchi & Saatchi 'Projections 2007' Perfect Drop wine bar Daylesford

Large Format group show 'The Gathering' Pig and Whistle Hotel Trentham East

brendan mccarthy

Brendan McCarthy 'MEXICAN LIGHT: Pictures of Guanajuato' TimberBenders Daylesford

Gizelle Regan 'Studies of Small Town Beauty' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Peter Bowes 'Obscurasearch [pinhole photographs by Peter Bowes]' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Wayne Eeles 'Australia Through My Eyes' Clayfire Gallery Daylesford

John Tozer 'Beyond the Icons' Studio 500 Tylden South

Senga Peckham 'Everything is Enfolded and Temporarily Unseen' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Suzanne Laslett [SA] 'Tide Lines' Stoaked Cafe Daylesford

Julie Stephenson [QLD] 'The Nature of Infinity' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Bill Beath 'Coastal Panoramas and Other Works' TimberBenders Daylesford

Alan Clark 'Intimate Landscapes' Red Star Cafe Hepburn Springs

Stephen Tester 'Light Moments' Clayfire Gallery Daylesford

Vivienne Hamilton 'The Human Stain' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Kay Mack 'Chasing Shadows' Clayfire Gallery Daylesford

Maurice Hambur 'In Sight: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos' Harvest Cafe Daylesford

Myer Bloom 'To See a World in a Grain of Sand' The Food Gallery Daylesford

Emma Stoneman & Erin McCuskey 'Sheer Planes' Andersons Mill Smeaton

Ian Pym Mt Coghill Winery, Coghills Creek

Tim Burder 'Incidentally Andes' Cliffys Emporium Daylesford

Col Ellis [ACT] 'Spirit' Clunes Town Hall upstairs room

Garrie Maguire 'Gods + Warriors' Andersons Mill

'Galeria Bezdomna' Open entry group showMill Markets Daylesford

Fiona Brook 'Photosensitive' Designscope Daylesford

Mike McCaw 'Dong Xi [East West]' Woodshed Gallery Daylesford

Morgan Williams 'Precious to Me' police lockup Daylesford

International College of Creative Arts 'Graduate Collection' Daylesford Town Hall

Canon/Australian Institute of Professional Photography 2006 Australian Professional Photographer of the Year Awards Travelling Exhibition, Pantechnicon Gallery Daylesford

Karena Goldfinch 'Continuum' Red Beard Bakery Trentham

Christine Gates 'Stones in the Cloud Forest' Sault Sailors Falls

Andrew Chapman 'The Shearers' Bottle Museum Clunes

Viv Mehes 'Shadowland' Community Hall Coghills Creek

Susan Gordon - Brown '56 Faces' Clunes RSL

Aleisa Child 'Garden' Persephones Garden Creswick

wayne eeles

Jeff Moorfoot 'Turn me Off Turn me On' Andersons Mill Smeaton

Karl Koenig [USA] 'Studies In Time' Trentham Railway Station

'Snapping St Arnaud' Group show Clunes Bottle Museum

Julie Millowick 'Traces of Memory' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Garry Brannan 'Bolt-hole' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Lloyd Godman 'Equivalence' Union Bank Arts Clunes

'The Mechanical Eye in Daylesford' [works of the pioneer photographers of Daylesford] Daylesford Museum

John O'Flaherty 'Flowers' Conservatory, Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens

Holger Mohaupt [Scotland] 'Anticipation' Historic Police Cells Daylesford

Alistair Tuffnell 'France - A Long Way From Paris' Daylesford Hotel

John Briscoe Uniting Church Daylesford

Kyle Barnes 'Spa' Glenlyon General Store

Trentham Historical Society 'Trewella Foundry' Police stables Trentham

Anthony Scibelli 'The Gift' Factory 3 Daylesford

Oliver Patsch 'Wait Here' Convent Gallery Daylesford

Ray Ferguson. 'Seasons' Historical Police Complex Trentham

Susy Keys 'Freedom' Andersons Mill Smeaton

Jacqui Henshaw 'Manicured Visions' Mercato restaurant Daylesford

Mikael Brain & Darren James 'Collocate' Designscope studio gallery Daylesford

Viv Mehes 'Shadowland Banners' Clunes Town Hall

Katherine Seppings 'Heaven on Earth' Art with Heart Cafe Gallery Daylesford

Jinny Coyle 'Under a Silver Sun' Perfect Drop Wine Bar Daylesford

Richard White 'Landscape - from the Negative to the Positive' Andersons Mill

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