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Two shows are featured at the Woodshed Gallery, Mike McCaws IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA and Robyn Rosenfeldts YAIR [young artists in residence]

Impressions of China

This collection of photographs, attempts to portray my perception of China and her people. When I go to China I do not see the hustle, bustle and noise that dominate most of what the visitor observes, rather I experience the friendliness of the people and the extraordinary quiet beauty and serenity that can envelope you in even the busiest cities…

© mike mccaw

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Young Artists In Residence : Robyn Rosenfeldt

Environmental portraiture of young artists and musicians from the Melbourne area. This show is going behind the exterior to show these artists in their place of creativity, in their home or in their studio. From internationally recognised artists to local emerging talent.

© robyn rosenfeldt

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