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JACQUI HENSHAW: Portraits of Plant Life

© jacqui henshaw

Portraits of Plant Life - As we become busier in our lives and in society, we often overlook the beauty in the detail of the world around us. Jacqui Henshaw wanted to create portraits of our friends from Nature. The images have complexity and a message in the dark details. You have to spend a little time searching the image for meaning. You have to stop and look.......

VISCERAL : John Bodin/Penny Jensz

© bodin/jensz

Visceral combines the synergies of handcrafted three dimensional montage and photography to build a profile of the Australian Identity. Through a linear slice of an Australian demographic the work delves into the relationship between the physical facade and the psychological reality. It explores issues of race, identity, deception, fear and primal instinct.

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