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MICHEL PARADINAS "Burkina Faso - The country of honest and courageous men, worthy of respect."

© michel paradinas

Michel Paradinas photographs are discontinuous, emblematic and incoherent until seen in a series. Sounds and silences give his images meaning. Paradinas organises the logic of his photographic work through both a reasonable and random expression of presences and absences, of everything and nothing.

The figures crossing his images seem to enter somewhere from outside of the frame more than to be posed within it. They seem to involuntarily arrive in front of his camera, to appear and then disappear. The most surprising thing is that these visual avatars, either jets or cyclists, are in place to be photographed. Both the debonair horseman and the bolt of lightening have a reason to be photographed: they are the cause and the irrefutable proof of a "moment that happened", a moment you may never know but the living proof of what remains of a chance encounter.

Instantaneity is never, for Michel Paradinas, a tour de force, but an account of its occurrence. He uses his talent to map out the setting within the frame. He holds up his rendition without any cynicism. He doesnt wait for movement but the effect of that movement- an image-maker, or a "landscape-reporter", as he likes to call himself.

Philippe Terrancle

© michel paradinas

MICHEL PARADINAS (photographer, publisher, France)
Paradinas is a Toulouse based photographer who has worked extensively in Africa. His work on Burkina Faso is currently being prepared for publication later this year. The work tracks the people Michel worked with on an aid project and has already been shown at The Photographers Gallery in London.
Michel is also a publisher of fine art photography books Les Imaginayres and runs workshops on preparing photo books for publication.

Burkina Faso appears courtesy of Foto Freo

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