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digital seminar

BYTE ON THIS Digital photography seminar

BYTE ON THIS running order and approximate times:

7.00pm Lloyd Godman
7.30pm Samantha Everton
8.00pm Greg Tinkler
8.30pm coffee
8.50pm Mimmo Cozzolino
9.20pm Kim Percy
9.50pm Panel questions

Like it or not, digital photography is the here and now. This panel of presenters, from diverse backgrounds and generations, will each explore a different area of the digital medium from their own personal perspective, then come together as a panel to field questions from the audience

Where Daylesford Town Hall 76 Vincent Street Daylesford
When Friday June 17 th, 7 pm to 10 pm
Entry $ 25 [$20 concession & DFB subscribers] Disabled access
Bookings [03] 5348 5703, from the info caravan, or tickets at the door


MIMMO COZZOLINO The scanner as a camera
Before he got a digital SLR camera Mimmo Cozzolino scanned small objects directly on an A4 scanner, obtaining files of between 250 & 750 MB. He found a scanners light beautifully alluring. Mimmo will show and talk about images he has created this way.
© mimmo cozzolino
SAMANTHA EVERTON Digital photo montages
It is easy to lose sight of the image in pursuit of technology. Samantha Everton shoots with film and digitally montages separate elements into one image which seems completely real so that the viewer is intrigued by the subject, not thinking about how it was achieved.
© Samantha Everton
LLOYD GODMAN[NZ] Locating the gap [between traditional & digital photography]
With the extensive proliferation of digital photography as a means of creating images and the associated manipulation of images through software like Photoshop, the term post photographic era has emerged which leaves doubt as to the veracity of all photographic media. Many photographers are left pondering the chasm between the two areas. What is the common ground where bridges remain and bind the two? What inseparable differences divide them? Lloyd Godman identifies some key aspects in this debate, and presents critical ways of differentiating between the two.
KIM PERCY The art of manipulation
Beyond the photograph, far into the world of digital, lies a creative space that offers more than is often utilised. Coming from a fine art background, Kim Percy has been fascinated in manipulating her images using computer aided drawing tools and pushing the boundaries between what is digital art, photography and painting. During this discussion she will explore how a program like Photoshop can produce artwork that is unique and how it has influenced her creative process.
© kim percy
GREG TINKLER photography gone digital
It is no longer enough just to take a photograph. In the digital world you now need to fix it, clean it up, manipulate it.
The challenge is also in the use of the photo. Is it just for print? TV (SD or HD)? Web? Or part of something else? The list is endless.
Can you protect your images while making them visible to any potential client? Convergence in the digital world blurs the traditionally separation between disciplines, where instant images taken from a mobile phone can be sent anywhere in the world in seconds.
Its a big challenge and a great opportunity.

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