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notes for exhibitors

Some notes for exhibitors

This is the inaugural Daylesford Foto Biennale. Our starting point is that anything that raises the profile of photography benefits photographers - irrespective of the genre in which the photographer works As this is our first event, and we don't have a track record, arts funding and sponsorship has not been easily come by. To this end we are running DFB'05 on a very slim budget. and we are not in a position to fund exhibitions. Your show will need to be funded by you, or your own personal arts funding or your own sponsorships. Only in the case of you having a very high profile, which in turn will act as a drawcard for DFB'05, or your work being of an exceptional high quality and/or unique in nature would we consider DFB funding of your exhibition. We are adding new potential venues for showing work to our data base weekly. We will try to match your show to an appropriate venue, or you are more than welcome to come to Daylesford with your book and find a venue on your own. Be aware that most venues will not be dedicated gallery spaces. Those spaces are already booked for DFB'05 keynote exhibitions. We ask you to be prepared to work within the framework and limitations of individual venues. We welcome proposals for events that work "outside the square". We already have a range of hotels, restaurants, cafes, craft studios, community halls etc. looking to host events. In most cases the agreement as to venue usage, hire fees, commissions, supervision etc are open to negotiation between the venue owner and the artist. There is no particular theme or style of photography featured in our inaugural event. This is something that may happen in Biennales to come. We have planned DFB'05 to be a smorgasbord of photography and photographic events. We are endeavouring to keep the majority of DFB'05 events within a confined geographical area, probably best defined as "within walking distance of the Town Hall in Vincent Street. [the town Hall will be the major focus of key events - the gala launch, the bulk of the seminar program, and other one off events] You are welcome to stage your show outside this area, but viewing traffic may be affected by your lack of proximity to the other DFB'05 events. There will be a registration fee of $165.00 [inc gst] for non ticketed evnts, and $220.00 [inc gst] for ticketed events. This registration fee pays for your listing in the official DFB'05 program, inclusion in our extensive media and publicity promotions and official venue signage. What we offer you in return is an audience. Our target is to attract tens of thousands of visitors to Daylesford over the Biennale month. Our aim with DFB'05 is to lay the groundwork for a bi annual festival of photography that will eventually rank with some of the great International festivals of photography. You can be there when it all starts. If you have any further enquiries please don't hesitate to call the DFB office on 5348 5703 to discuss in detail.

Registering for the DFB 05 entitles you to

* Umbrella publicity, promotion and marketing of your event. This support includes festival programs, posters, signage, banners, radio, tv and press advertising.

* Inclusion in the festival program – distributed throughout regional Victoria and Melbourne.

* Inclusion in the online festival program

* A link to your website from the online festival program

* Access to venue listings

* Access to DFB staff for advice and support

* DFB inc support for funding applications

Sponsorship guidelines

When seeking sponsorship for your event be aware that:

* The relationship between you, the independent artist participatng in DFB 05, and your sponsor is between you and your sponsor - not DFB Inc.

* You cannot offer your sponsor signage in another DFB 05 event venue.

* or logo placement in any DFB produced material - eg the festival program or website
[you can acknowledge your sponsor by name in your own listing if space permits.]

* or any attachments to the DFB name or logo

* or distribution of sponsor material at other DFB venues.

* You may, as an independent artist, offer your sponsor signage in your own venue

* or logo placement on your own printed material

* or offer sponsor material to patrons in your own venue

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