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event proposal form

Event Proposal Form

The DFB '05 welcomes submissions from photographers and photo-based artists across Australia, either individually or collectively. The DFB'05 also welcomes exhibition proposals from independent curators in Australia.

Your submission should, include:

1. Written Project Outline of around 3 x A4 pages explaining:
The nature of the project
Who is involved
Your artist statement
The technical requirements of staging your project
The amount of space your exhibition or event will require at the selected venue
The likely costs involved in staging the project and any sources of funding which you have secured or for which you intend to apply

2. Visual Reference Materials
Quality: Visual Reference materials are, of course, very important in assessing the potential of a visual art project and you should ensure that the visual documentation you submit is the best you are able to produce.

Quantity: Please submit no less than 6 and no more than 25 images.

Format: We can accommodate documentation in a number of forms including:
Prints - these should be no larger than A4. They can be in the form of photographic prints, high-resolution digital outputs or colour laser copies
Transparencies - these can be 35 mm slide or medium/large format up to10"x8"
Electronic files in TIFF, JPEG or EPS format for either Mac or PC system.Files should be submitted on CD-ROM.
Catalogues and other well reproduced published material

Please supply a detailed inventory of all items submitted.

When visual documentation is unavailable: We recognise that it is not always possible to provide visual reference materials of work in a proposal (for example when the work has yet to be completed). Where possible, relevant background documentation or images of earlier related projects will assist in the process of review. You may also give a detailed written and graphic description of what is proposed.

3. Curriculum Vitae
Please provide CVs of all those involved.
It would be appreciated if CVs are no longer than three pages. Where a project involves more than five people, the CVs need be no longer than one to two pages per person.

Please provide the application in an A4 protective folder. This is to protect the information from damage or loss. Please also ensure that the various elements of your proposal are securely packed or joined so that support materials such as slides do not become separated from the main proposal.


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